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My 29th birthday is coming up on the 18th, so I'm doing a big pimp out of cool artists! Rules are here-…

:iconlufreeshia: Lufreeshia pimped by :iconcapybaka: ThePlanPony

Chobits by Lufreeshia The watcher by Lufreeshia Red Riding Hood by Lufreeshia
I met Lufreeshia for the first time at Doujin Overload last year, and she's a REALLY beautiful girl inside and out. She's lovely, and has a beautiful colouring style that I really love!

:thumb192181498: The 11th Doctor by capyBAKA Cyborg Geisha by capyBAKA
Theplanpony needs no pimping. She's cool, super talented, devious, and adorable to HECK. Go watch her. Now. If you already watch her, then give her a llama and run away laughing ;)


:iconillogical-lynx: Illogical-Lynx pimped by :icontera-argentis: Altera-Nightside

Antak, Elite Berserker UPDATED by Illogical-Lynx Golden Portal by Illogical-Lynx Two Warriors - One Love by Illogical-Lynx

Illogical-Lynx has some well done ink work and some lovely photography of local landscapes in his gallery. Lots of military themed art in colour also!

Imagine It Covered in Snow by Tera-Argentis Telemachus Linel by Tera-Argentis Float by Tera-Argentis

Altera-Nightside has alot of OC art in her gallery and works mostly with coloured pencil and photography and pieces of writing. She also has a few Transformers piece too!


:iconajust: AJUST pimped by :iconnranola: nranola

Death Smells In Hospitals by AJUST The Grim Joker, RoH by AJUST Monstrous by AJUST

AJUST has a funky illustration style that's really in your face and cool.

Sean concept by nranola Buddy Faith by nranola Your hand, Fraulein by nranola
Nranola was one of my role play buddies so she and I have become good friends. She's a great gal and has some lovely art ^^ And give her OC Sean some love too! Shes awesome ^^


:iconashkihyena: Ashkihyena pimped by :icondarkknight495: Darkknight495

Aza vs. Razor by Ashkihyena Sunspear by Ashkihyena Saurus Demigod Cover by Ashkihyena

Ashkihyena has some pretty cool bara anthro art in his gallery. Some cool fighting scenes and stuff :3

Jade Dragon by Darkknight495 Zipper by Darkknight495 Arkillians Thunder by Darkknight495

Darkknight495 is one of my first watchers here on DA so she's a very dear friend of mine. She has a very kind heart and has supported me right through my teething years here. Love you, hon <3


:iconiascenderi: IAscenderI pimped by :iconisis1975: Isis1975

:thumb176156236: :thumb176150200: :thumb174974945:

OK, so Ascender IS a writer, but I was asked to post these cause they're cool OCs. If you love OCs, go file in single file. This is a pretty sharp cast here ;)

Daryan, Young and Restless by Isis1975 Daryan's Anger by Isis1975 Waiting For Godot by Isis1975

Isis1975 is also a writer, so you'll need to go to her gallery to truely appreciate her work. She's also a fan of Phoenix Wright, and very supportive of everyone else's OC projects for the PW universe, like Turnabout Attorney for me. Thank you, hon :hug:


:iconthe-nai: nai-xain pimped by :iconkitsune-wingstar: Kitsune-WingStar

moonlit knight WIP by The-Nai Clock Angel by The-Nai Lunar dance by The-Nai

Nai-xain needs no introduction. Nani is super awesome, inspiring, and one of my best friends IRL and on the net. She tells it like it is and has an undying passion to be the best. Her style is old school manga, and she's keen on furry. Check her out. Nani's art is stunning.

Shy, up and over by Kitsune-WingStar Scene 4 by Kitsune-WingStar Youko 3D Sculpture 2 by Kitsune-WingStar

Kitsune's gallery is a mix of digital and 3D render art. A variation of art from concepts to OCs, to scenery.


Keep the pimps coming! I have ALOT more spots to fill before I get to 30! Dont' make me pick at random!
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lepracorn Featured By Owner May 13, 2011
Nice pimpin' yo.

How have you been? I haven't been on in a while due to saving the world etc.

And now a drawing representing legal tender in Portugal.

As my new profession as the head designer of the new euro-zone currency, here is a sample of what is in store.
deviantART muro drawingComment Drawing
wanted-dedore-alive Featured By Owner May 11, 2011

'cos, you know, why not pimp out one of my friends? :D Plus, you can see huge leaps in the quality of her artwork, it's getting pretty pro, haha.
Arkillian Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WAH! Another Kiwi! We're hidden in the great depths of Deviantart!

Yes- she does have a smooth digital style goign on there! Just need two more for my next pimp to air!
wanted-dedore-alive Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
:D Yes, squirreled away in the farthest corners of the DA world.

And awesome! Are ya pleased with the amount of unknown (to you) artists that you've been introduced to?
Arkillian Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This pimp has given me two new Kiwis to watch. I'm stoked. I thought I was watching them all already! I am SO wrong XD
wanted-dedore-alive Featured By Owner May 11, 2011
:D Tsk tsk, you shall learn the error of your ways young grasshopper.
The-Nai Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Oh yeah! *high fives* Thank you Killy!
I know our little anime community here is small now, but i know well go places if we just stick together! Ive been loving some of your new stuff. I added it on FA but i need to be more pertinent about checking my DA ^^;

I cant wait to see you at dojin!
Arkillian Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:cling: Me either! I can't wait to squee with Naninani! :love: Specially after last weekend with *ThePlanPony- I'm all geared up for Overload now! Just need to finish this comic first >.<
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